Réflexion sur la présence en Ligne

Séminaire du 22 Janvier 2016

Dans le cadre du séminaire 3MA, Müge Satar de Bogazici University (İstanbul), professeur invitée à ICAR a donné une conférence intitulée “Meaning making and social presence in online language learner interactions via desktop videoconferencing”

Abstract : There is increasing interest in CALL research on online language learning and teaching in multimodal environments. In this presentation I will introduce the theory of social presence and demonstrate how language learners develop their social presence and sustain interactions in Desktop Videoconferencing. I will describe the analytical process by exemplifying the multimodal analysis of short extracts. I will specifically focus on how the language learner participants interact online and make meaning. I will argue that the theory of social presence is an important quality in computer mediated communication and that a qualitative, multimodal analysis of language learner interactions is necessary to fully investigate social presence in online multimodal language learning environments.